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“Because you are much more than what you do, come and bring us everything you are!”

This is Les Sources de Caudalie philosophy. That’s why we have decided to share with you these little extras of our employees that make their daily missions so essential to our Hotel.

As Youth day is coming very soon, we took this opportunity to put our young recruit Léa Pradines under spotlight!  Indeed, it’s been almost three months that she put her chef’s hat to join our kitchens. After a year of license in Toulouse, she was not afraid to aim high for her first internship. This is not surprising when we know that under her apron, Léa hides another hobby that requires a certain courage: horse-riding.

Since the first time she rode a horse seven years ago, Léa never really went down. Rigor and perseverance being the key words of this discipline, these are two qualities than make the difference every day in her work. Léa knows how to handle ingredients with delicateness to serve you dishes as high as your expectations. Our young intern is not afraid to surpass herself and cross obstacles without problem, riding a horse or in her job. Her carrier seems to unfold like a series of obstacles: when the bell rings nothing can stop her and plates go one by one!

After two months with us in pastry, Léa realized that she has a real gourmet passion. However she decided to pursue with salted meals preparation in our restaurant “La Table du Lavoir” before finally joining our starred restaurant where rigor and sense of details are essential for a rewarding learning.  A challenge that doesn’t scare our new intern who already had the chance to work for a famous chef: Michel Sarran. Because challenges are part of her life, Léa Pradines intends to go abroad after her studies to add English’s skill on the list of her many abilities.

Full of ambitions, she hopes that in the long run she will welcome you in her own restaurant!


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