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A night under the stars

At twilight Les Sources de Caudalie is not falling asleep. If its path get darker its sky lights up. The perfect occasion to stop by and admire thousands brightenning stars. Planets, constellations, dwarf or giant stars, come discover all the secrets of those mysterious celestial objects.

Every Wednesday from the 10th of July to the 28th of August, after a delicious gastronomic dinner at La Grand’Vigne or to end on a high note a perfect evening at Les Sources de Caudalie, join us on the terrace of our bar ROUGE for what is excepted to be a wonderful stroll.

From 9:00 pm, astronomy enthusiasts will welcome you there for an interstellar journey! With assistance of several observation tools and their knowledges, they will guide you through planets and constellations for a beautiful nocturnal adventure. Enjoy this moment to ask all your questions or just to listen to the enchanting stories of the constellations and their origins…

An exceptional evening that will for sure, give little and big dreamers real pleasure.

Free workshop for hotel & restaurants clients
From 9.00pm

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