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Luxury New Year Holidays

From €6 114 for 2 persons.
Join us to celebrate this end of the year as it should in our Palace of the Vines. The magical atmosphere of our surrounding nature, our exceptional menus, our gastronomic activities or the cures of our Vinotherapie Spa are the promise of 3 magical days to start the year 2021 in joy and serenity.

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L’Île aux Oiseaux by Rabih Kayrouz

From €1 640 for 2 persons
Let’s travel in the legendary suite of Les Sources de Caudalie, L’IÎe aux Oiseaux. Imagined by designer Rabih Kayrouz as a real living area, L’Île aux Oiseaux (The Bird Island) breaks down walls to get a new bright and friendly Suite.

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