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The 100K Initiative

June being the World Oceans Month, it is a great occasion to fight against their pollution and to educate a large public about their protection. At Les Sources de Caudalie, we are very proud to be part of #the100kinitiative movement to preserve marine wildlife.

Our leitmotiv is to give back to nature what it brings to us on a daily basis, and to preserve our terroir, our Land of Vines.

Today we are going a step further by supporting FOUND™, a brand of pure, eco-responsible and transparent drinks, and Oceana, the world’s largest organization for the defense of ocean rights.

With plastic waste becoming one of the biggest polluters on the planet, the goal of #the100kinitiative is to raise awareness about the impact of single-use plastic on marine animals. Each year, about more than 100,000 marine mammals are affected.

To honor them, FOUND™ has created a series of 100,000 unique and eco-responsible, individually numbered bottles, each representing one of these marine mammals in an plastic-free environment.

These bottles are not only very light, they are also made of recycled glass and have a label composed of 100% recyclable paper. They contain flavored water that is also totally natural.

The ultimate goal is to help Oceana fight against pollution by giving back to them 100% of the profits from the sale of bottles.

Find these bottles of flavored sparkling water throughout the month of June on Sources de Caudalie’s refreshments menu. What a good action while sipping flavored water at the edge of the pool.

To learn more about this initiative, you can find all the information here.

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