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Something new in the kitchen

Spending a morning in a 2-Michelin-starred Chef’s shoes ? It is now possible at Les Sources de Caudalie.

homard bleu roti des sources de Caudalie

During our winter renovations, a new cooking school has been created at Les Sources de Caudalie. And who says new cooking school says new activities! Two packages: La Grand’Vigne cooking classes and themed cooking classes.

La Grand’Vigne cooking classes will be orchestrated by Nicolas Masse’s team, the Chef of our 2-Michelin stars restaurant, who will teach you all the tips and tricks of a great Chef. Each class will take place on Saturday morning and will be followed by a lunch at La Grand’Vigne because cooking a good meal is great but enjoying it is even better!

The themed cooking classes will take place on Saturday afternoons and will be followed by a well-deserved tasting in our wine bar and fin grocery, Rouge. The themes will be varied, from tapas to pastry and world cuisine, something to satisfy you every week.

During the school holidays, kids will have their own cooking classes! Your budding chef will learn how to cook in a fun way and who knows, you may be surprised!

More information and details about our cooking classes

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