Our CSR Charter

The environmental


At Les Sources de Caudalie, if there is one thing we are proud of, it is our terroir: this exceptional setting offered to us by the surrounding nature. We have been enjoying this fabulous environment for twenty years and we are committed to protecting it.


A Land of Vines


Located in the heart of the prestigious Graves vineyards, on the grounds of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, our hotel enjoys a unique landscape between vineyards and forest.

Forerunner of the Bioprecision concept, Château Smith Haut Lafitte uses innovative viticulture and vinification techniques. In the vineyards, not a single chemical input is used. Bio-precisionThe Château Smith Haut Lafitte uses innovative viticulture and vinification techniques to respect the surrounding nature. In the vineyards, not a single chemical input is used.
Ploughing with horses allows the working of the fragile white hillsides. The maintenance of wooded areas and the planting of hedges encourage biodiversity. In the cellars, the best of high technology is used to delicately work the grapes to offer you the most precious of nectars. Les Sources de Caudalie is also a 5-star hotel. In keeping with the environmental work carried out by the Château, we are keen to preserve our natural resources as much as possible.

We also favour reusable or recyclable goods and reduce the packaging of our hospitality products as much as possible.


The 2-Michelin star restaurant: La Grand'Vigne


A 250m2 permaculture organic vegetable garden, a henhouse and the Bee Garden were created in 2015 with the aim of reducing the importation of products and supplying the kitchens with fresh eggs, fruit, vegetables and edible flowers. Our way of ensuring maximum freshness on your plate while having zero transport. For more than three years, we have chosen to take our approach further by joining forces with Rachel, founder of the Conservatoire du Goût. Rachel accompanies us in the work of our vegetable garden and militates for the preservation of varieties, as a duty towards our gustatory heritage. Today, there are more than 250m² of organically cultivated land that supplies the kitchens. With our Chef Nicolas Masse, a real joint reflection was set up in order to select and grow the best varieties of each fruit, each vegetable and each edible flower offered on the plate. A circular logic was naturally put in place: all the waste from the vegetable garden is brought to the compost created by Château Smith Haut Lafitte to finally return to feed this precious Land of Vines. Two boreholes supply the Sources de Caudalie site with water and water the vegetable garden. A return to the water table as direct as possible. What is not produced on the grounds of the Sources de Caudalie is carefully sourced from Aquitaine producers and craftsmen who respect the living world.

As far as our meats are concerned, the Chef voluntarily integrates only one animal protein from meat products in each of the 5 or 7 stages, all of which are worked with breeders who respect animal welfare. The weight is also monitored, in order to have a reasoned approach to the carbon impact.


Our shower treatments


Our shower care products are now available in large containers to reduce the amount of plastic used. Made from corn starch, these containers are fully recycled and recyclable. To go even further and reduce plastic waste as much as possible, we have opted for a refillable bottle formula.


A solidarity partnership with Elise


We recycle all types of waste through a partnership with Elise. Each month, cardboard, paper, plastic, wood and aluminium are sorted and collected, then recycled by Elise.

This recycling allows the creation of stable jobs for people who have difficulty integrating into society, usually because of disability. Simple and transparent reporting allows our teams to monitor the environmental and social benefits of their actions.


A Vinotherapie Spa where water is an invaluable resource


Drawn directly from a depth of 540m, under our feet, it comes out naturally warm and is used to supply the spa as well as installations such as the barrel bath, the swimming pools and the jacuzzi. Caudalie cosmetics are more than ever involved in a cosmic-ethical approach and offer treatments with the most natural formulas possible. In 2012, Caudalie joined the "1% for the planet" movement and has since donated 1% of its worldwide sales to the reforestation project. Giving back to nature what it brings to us every day will continue to be our leitmotiv for 2022 and a few more years.