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A gastronomic tasting

Between gastronomy and oenology there is only one step. For the “live-well” lovers, they come together and La Grand’Vigne, our 2-Michelin star restaurant totally understands that.


Located among the vineyards, the 2-Michelin star restaurant draws its aesthetic and gustatory identity from there. The link with vines is constant and our Chef Nicolas cooks for example meat with vine shoot while Jordane, our Pastry Chef, makes a misleading chocolate vine stock.

It comes full circle and the tasting of the menu draws inspiration from the vines and more particularly from the oenologie. In the same way as you establish a wine profile, you now develop your menu like a real wine-tasting. Starting witht the attack phase, with some bitter flavours. Then, the iodic or country notes come and soften the palate with a natural John Dory or  a farmer sweetbread. Finally, to close this tasting, the finish brings some chocolate or coffee notes with nuts and gourmet desserts.

And you, how is the profile of your menu ?


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