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Bain de Forêt (Forest immersion), a natural escape

Immerse yourself in the neighboring forest for a real medidation parenthesis, you will be relaxed and you will feel the nature vibes.

In the 80s in Japan, the Shintin-Yoku was created literally meanning “forest bath”. The aim is to immerse yourself in forest for a walk. This activity is know for its beneficial properties. Away from the city and its disturbing overstimulation, you will be able to reach a state of peace and harmony with nature. Open up to everything nature has to offer and welcome this relaxing spirit with every one of your 5 senses.

A complete experience has been imagined for you: first an enchanting walk into the neighboring forest with José Le Piez the “man who makes the trees sing” and Patricia Chatelain. During the whole morning they will guide you and make you discover the forest and its properties. You will learn how to understand and listen the forest. Then, you will enjoy a vegetal lunch especially prepared by our Chef. Finally you will be able to go back into the Land’Art and discover by yourself its wonders.

In family, in couple or by yourself let’s experience our “Bain de forêt” and reactivate “the temporal dimension of the plant”.

We invite you to consult our offer for more details and information on the experience

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