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I Enjoy

Invitation to senses

For all gastronomy lovers, Nicolas Masse has cooked a delicious dinner that will please your palate and delight your senses.

vue de l'hôtel extérieure

The chef of our 2-Michelin stars restaurant La Grand’Vigne has specially imagined for Valentine’s Day an exceptional dinner that will exalt your senses. He invites you for a tasty journey with our menu inspired by wine-tasting sensations.


Awaken your senses

Golden color with brown reflections
Foie gras, black truffle

Freshness with citrus fruit expression
Scallops, orange blossom and celery

Salted and vegetable fragrances
Coastal sole, vegetable spaghetti, lobster juice

Animal and volatile notes
Landes duckling, stuffed onions

Sour explosion and spicy balance
Frosted lemon with four spices

Soft and bitter persistence
Grand cru chocolate, ginger

Valentine’s day dinner for 230€ per person, drinks exclued.
Served the evening of February 14, 2018.

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