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Autumnal comfort

There is a moment during the year where the vine is blazing and the forest inflames. Red, yellow, orange, the leaves adorn there most beautiful arrays… There is no doubt then that fall season is here and with it all the flavors offering comfort to face winter.

Décoration automne

Every year, during fall, Chef Nicolas Masse from the 2 Michelin star restaurant La Grand’Vigne take his inspiration from the nature to create dishes with multiples flavors. He gathers everything in the fall menu served during all November at La Grand’Vigne.

You will taste a pâté en croûte with game and duck’s liver, scallops with white truffle and pines morels. The walk through the woods will continue with the roe deer in casserole dish where cabbage and parsnip will bring crunchy and softness. Finally an autumnal menu wouldn’t be a real one without ending on some chocolate guilty pleasure. With the 100% chocolate vine shoot on the Terroir of Graves you will close this menu on the perfect flavor.

On the wine side, we are taking you to a trip in the South-West of France and you will taste the delicate fragrances from the Pessac wine, the Jurançon or the Cahors with an eruditely studied selection to match with the dishes flavors.

A perfect journey through the region for a perfect gourmand and delicate moment!

Fall Menu
150€ per person, drinks excluded
Wine selection 105€ per person, 4 wines

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