Les Sources de Caudalie & Sustainable Development


The Luxury Travel Guide (LTG) is a guide referencing the best destinations and hotels worldwide in various categories. It is with joy that we learned that Les Sources de Caudalie won the prize:

Luxury Eco Friendly Hotel of The Year!

The jury rewards the House with the best approach to reduce its impact on the environment and offering sustainable projects to help local communities. This is Les Sources de Caudalie, which attracted the attention of the famous guide! Indeed, the hotel is doing his best to limit its footprint and ensure the quality and traceability of products its offers.

In 2014, Alice and Jerome Tourbier came up with the idea of creating a first vegetable garden at the very doorstep of the gastronomic restaurant La Grand’Vigne. This 200 m² garden allowed the Chef to work with fruits and vegetables that respond badly to transportation. In light of the Chef’s enthusiasm, Alice Tourbier has taken the decision to pursue this adventure. An 800 m² vegetable garden dedicated to La Grand’Vigne restaurant has been created in the heart of the park adjacent to the hotel

This vegetable garden, obviously exempt of pesticides and treated with approved organic agricultural products, is part of the eco-responsible initiative that was rooted at Les Sources de Caudalie from the beginning. “We want to take this philosophy even further by developing a circular economy”, explains Alice Tourbier. This principle is inspired by the ways of nature and involves the reuse of materials. For example, we fight against outbreaks of disease with sodium bicarbonate derived from CO2 captured during grape fermentation, we create our own compost from organic waste and we recycle the wood chips from Château Smith Haut Lafitte in the aisles of the vegetable garden”.
Continuing this initiative, Alice Tourbier has installed some hives in proximity to the vegetable garden. “An even more important decision as bee populations are in sharp decline due to pesticides, she says. They allow better pollination and guarantee good harvests”.

This approach is shared by the Château Smith Haut Lafitte neighbor who has been farming vines biodynamically for ten years. The Château’s philosophy is to adopt an increasingly organic and living vineyard pipeline through a slow and natural grape fermentation. The Bio-Precision initiative developed at Château Smith Haut Lafitte is intended to associate the highest regard for the soil and vines with innovative viticulture and winemaking techniques. This approach favours biodiversity and the balance of the vineyard ecosystem by way of the planting of hedgerows, natural grassing, the fabrication of organic compost and even horse labour.

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