Les Sources de Caudalie, a way of life in the heart of the vineyards

Sources de Caudalie

Mid-october, Les Sources de Caudalie published their second book, entirely devoted to this haven of peace and to the particular way of life which had developed there.

Staying at Les Sources de Caudalie is a holistic experience, a journey of the senses amidst the Graves vineyards and the sculptures of Château Smith Haut Lafitte. Here, nature reigns, from the architecture to the food prepared by Chef Nicolas Masse, a two Michelin-stars chef.

It is here, in this setting of tranquillity Alice and Jérôme Tourbier have created a unique place dedicated to wine and the live well. A bubble of nature entirely devoted to refinement and creativity. Furthermore, if the book is a great overview of the particular art of living at Les Sources de Caudalie, it also permits to discover or rediscover the cooking of the Chef Nicolas Masse thanks to the 36 recipes that you can do at home.


Les Sources de Caudalie – A Way of life in the heart of the vineyards with 36 recipes of Nicolas Masse


1ère Page LesSourcesdeCaudalie-001 Nicolas Masse Marie Pierre Morel Violaine de Saint Vaulry, Glénat Editions,  49.50 €

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